• Employer Branding
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Motivation systems
  • Performance management
  • Benchmarking
  • Compensation & Benefits control
  • Competency assessment
  • Cost efficient employment solutions
  • Headcount optimalization
  • Leadership coaching & Team building
  • Executive search / Headhunting & Recruitment / Employee mediation with relocation services
  • HR outsourcing / Interim HR management / HR consultancy


Nowadays more and more employer reports talent shortages due to the changing labour market. It has become evident that the often mentioned labour and talent shortage is not a fiction – it’s a reality for today’s business. As the relevant statistics says, in 2021, one in five workers (employed or available for employment) will be above 55 compared to one in seven in 2005. With the aging population, Gen X is permanently retiring in significant numbers, and fewer fresh graduates with the right skills are entering the workforce, therefore companies will struggle to find the right fit for hard-to-fill positions both in white-collar and blue-collar segment as well. Furthermore it’s very important that Gen X and Gen Y&Z workers don’t necessarily share the same values and expectations when it comes to the workplace. This means a complete shift in the way employers approach their hiring methods is in order – enhancing employer brand as the image of company as a ‘great place to work’.

In fact, the days of organic growth and what HR sector calls ‘post and pray’, (posting a job, and waiting for candidates to apply), are over. In these days companies must become an employer of choice in order to source, recruit and retain today’s top candidates. That’s where employer branding comes in. Employer branding is about delivering an authentic and compelling experience to candidates and employees alike, and living and breathing the corporate values you put forward in your organization on a daily basis. Just talking the talk is not going to cut it with the next generation of employees. If your company wants to hire and retain the very best employees, you need to thoroughly evaluate your organization from the top down, take a hard look in the mirror and start walking the walk too.

At AZ Source Efficiency International we work with our clients to help them better understand the shifts in employee recruitment and retention. We can provide you with relevant insight on how to position your company in a distinctive and compelling way in order to attract, retain and engage the right employees for your organization.


  • Novel Approaches
  • Exciting Tools & Methods
  • Impressive & Inspiring Changes


During our services to provide Client with temporary or permanent human resources via direct researches, the most important issue is to find such candidates who have proper competencies along with fitting the Client’s company culture.

During the search and selection process our team is also handling candidates as our Clients or business partners. The timely and correct communication is a base for our job. In the sense of this during transmitting employees in between countries we ensure relocation services to our candidates which ensure them the earliest possible assimilation not only in business, also in their private life. Our convenience services are:

  • accomodation research according to candidates need;
  • negotiation of rental contracts;
  • handling different official routines (healthcare, insurance, etc.);
  • introduction of employer and housing environment;
  • identification of special services in accordance with individual needs.


Within a 5-day-overview we are about to reveal all the possible reserves in the employment structure and policies of the Client. As a result of the 5-day-project the team hands over a brief summary of the possible cost cutting solutions and the suggested changes to increase efficiency and compliance. In case if the Client does not have enough resources or in any special situation the Client does not want their own employees to be involved in the realization of any of the suggested items, our company ensures professionals with operational experience.


Based upon the operational scope, the business activity and its requirements, customer needs and the relevant rules we draw up the details and frame of the most efficient schemes of using working time of employees. We take into consideration also the company culture and all external and internal rules and regulations to optimize the company spending on the living labor.


Business environment can change, resources might be not enough either in quantity or structurally. Even if the Client has a very strong HR team, sometimes shortage in HR professionals can occur like:

  • fluctuation,
  • short term international or intercompany assignments,
  • maternity leave,
  • long term sickness.

Even if they are very strong experienced performers in some very special cases it is better to involve outsiders and their skills when your company is ahead of a onetime project, where the Client’s HR employees:

  • might get into conflicts,
  • might not have the wide range of market knowledge,
  • might not know the actual best practices and possibilities,
  • might not have the very special knowledge of some areas.

Our team is flexible, have wide range and deep knowledge of extraordinary business situations. Based on that, we can provide our Client with the most effective solution in time and money for their business cases and problems to solve in all areas of Human Resources.