Optimizing performance in today’s complex business climate requires a holistic approach. We help Clients integrating people, processes and technology to improve business process efficiency, introduce innovative programs and define new strategies for growth. Our small team bring cross-functional expertise, excellent project management skills and strong analytical competency to the table.

The success of our consultancy is based on the wide and deep knowledge of the business environment and its best practices. We are partner with Clients’ team members for rapid and sustained progress, even in large, decentralized and highly regulated environments in lots of areas. Besides the production the lean approach is very effective method in both service and trade sector as well. Lean tools are also used in middle market as well not just at large companies. The most favourite project areas as follows (in any sector, any field):

  • Lean / Six Sigma project management of processes
  • Process improvement focusing on efficiency for all business areas
  • Optimalization
  • Process screening and audit
  • Problem solving projects
  • Separation of ‘value-added’ from ‘non-value added’ work to eliminate ‘non-value added’ activities including their root causes
  • Risk detection, analysis and reduction
  • Loss reduction (not only in financial meaning, also like information, time, other soft issues e.g. in connection with HR, PR, marketing etc.)
  • Comparative root-cause analysis
  • Interim Lean management
  • Implementing and launching ISO
  • Implementing and launching Lean tools (e.g. 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Jidoka, SMED, Poka-Joke, Visual Factory, Value Stream Mapping, Muda, Just-In-Time, etc.)


Mapping up any of the client’s chosen business process we apply a brand new methodology to improve and maintain cost effective operation and efficiency. In accordance with the partial or full introduction of the system, the company management and owners will be enabled to react changes in time and redirect business to the required direction. They will be the owners of all necessary information in case of necessity to redesign processes and structures to achieve or even over achieve targets. Decision makers will be served by prompt feedback of the outputs, results of the main value creating processes step-by-step. Lean methodology is mixed here with financial controlling approach.

Working in cooperation with operative leaders we map up chosen processes from the main level until the detailed activity lists. Based upon the observation we, together with Client’s employees, are making suggestions and developing new processes, standards, tools and formats. The decision/risk points will be identified and invested with process and cost control.


Having gained tonnage of information and knowledge of market practices and their efficiency we are happily share them with the client’s management and professionals in any of Client’s business areas. We can provide the client with the main measures, indices of business performance compared to the chosen competitors and the local market performance as a whole.


  • Change Acceleration Process (CAP)
  • Interim Lean management
  • Implementing and launching ISO
  • Implementing and launching Lean tools (e.g. 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Jidoka, SMED, Poka-Joke, Visual Factory, Value Stream Mapping, Muda, Just-In-Time, etc.)
  • Comparative root-cause analysis
  • Lean culture and principles
  • Hunting for the 8 Muda
  • Office 5S
  • Shop floor 5S
  • Visual KPI boards & visual management
  • Standardization
  • Performance boards and effective performance meetings
  • Lean and Six Sigma tools for quick win improvements
  • Poka-yoke and other prevention methods
  • Continuous improvement by kaizen
  • Six Sigma process improvement (DMAIC)
  • Theory and application of the Pareto principle
  • Layout planning
  • Improvement of invoicing process
  • Improvement of customer services
  • Lean Healthcare

Typical words of Management team members in connection with their company, what show Lean demand, as follows.

  • Our company has been facing with a burning, but unsolved question/challenge for a while…
  • IT can’t support our business processes thoroughly…
  • There is something that doesn’t work in a right way…
  • I’m not satisfied with…
  • I think there is a further potential in it…
  • Our ………… would be more efficient/profitable/better/faster/cheaper/simplier/etc.
  • I can’t see through thoroughly this process/field…
  • There are regular problems/challenges in that area/process…
  • Our some process/field is considerably complicated/complex/untransparent/costly/slow/ inefficient/resource-intensive…
  • I have to deal with that process/area too much…
  • This field means the real challenge in our company…
  • That department underachives permanently…
  • It is the weakest link of our company…
  • The most customer complaint come from that field…
  • I can’t understand how it happened…
  • We can’t move forward in this area for a while…
  • We have made many attempt to solve this challenge without acceptable result…
  • There is a change in our operation…